• Series Name Change

    I originally based my series name off Nightwind, the nation Saffa is from. But this doesn’t quite capture the scope of the universe I’m building, hence I’ve renamed the series to Bane War. This better encapsulates the epic conflict these books portray.

  • Nightwind Fury Alpha Version Done

    I got it done a few days ago. It feels so good to have accomplished such a large feat. I started writing the novel nine months ago, and seeing it in a complete form is thrilling. I’m working with beta readers and editors now to get it improved, polished, and ready for a release that I believe will be a thrilling and compelling tale.

    If you want to beta read the book, send me an email to [email protected].

    Here’s my alpha stats:

  • Who are they? How are they Doing?

    When I was nine my family took a long trip from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. During the long drive, I stared out the window of our blue van for hours. Being autistic, I find it easy to daydream and get lost in my thoughts, as if I’m watching a movie instead of being in a body.

    During one strange moment I watched a highway overpass as we drove above it. A car drove in my vision and my brain fixated on it. I wondered who might be in it. What their lives might be like. Are they happy? Sad?

    Over the years, this car comes into my mind sporadically. I ask myself these questions every time: Who are they? How are they doing? The mystery and strange care in my heart for humans I will never meet or know fascinates me. Regardless, I hope they are well, and if some or all of them are dead, I hope they are in a better place.

  • Draft Complete

    After six months, my first draft of Nightwind: Fury is complete. It’s satisfying, but I know there’s so much more to do. I hope to have an alpha ready by the end of June, maybe end of May if my health allows. For your enjoyment, here’s my alpha draft stats. I’ll post another blurb when it’s in beta draft.

  • The Battle Within

    I read Fourth Wing recently. Yarros is talented. I also read pieces of three other books: Dungeon Crawler Carl, Souless, and Name of the Wind. There’s nothing like reading popular published books to humble oneself. I have to admit, when comparing my drafts against the text in these novels, I’m overwhelmed. Even sad. I seriously wonder why I’m writing. Is my stuff terrible? Cringy? Boring? Confusing? Doubt and fear are my greatest foes.

    The last few days were especially bad. But I wrote again today. I’m on the second-to-last chapter of my rewrites. After the epilogue I can shift into full editing mode. Add some neat diagrams and pictures. Take a break from the intensity of conjuring a story from nothing.

    Lifting me a bit out of my mental strife, a beautiful event happened today in the United States. Aid for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific passed in the House. It will surely pass in the Senate and be signed by President Biden. This will save countless lives and hopefully begins the end of Russia’s unprovoked invasion. Deterence is better than war. But ending a war is better than a conflict dragging on, or Russia occupying all of Ukraine and committing endless war crimes. And this hopefully deters China from invading Taiwan.

    For you reader, I wish only happiness and peace in your life. Success and prosperity.

    – Jeff

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