About Me

I’m Jeff Johnson. I started software engineering are age 7. Now I’m trying to master another language, English. Yikes.

I’m autistic and neurodiverse. My personality profile is INFJ-A (Advocate). I like programming, gaming, writing and spending time with family and friends. On a good day, I’ll exercise too.

I love high fantasy and writing about complex issues like gender, race, religion, war, society, and existence itself.

Favorite games include Baludur’s gate 1, 2 and 3. I’m still early in 3 so please no spoilers. I played Ultima growing up and loved it. The Mass Effect series is also top notch. I’m hoping Disney will make that Knights of the Old Republic game into a series someday, or maybe a movie.

I suffer from chronic vestibular migraine and other fun neurological stuff, but try to push through each day best I can.

Love or despise my writing? Just want to banter or talk? Wonderful. Drop me an email.

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