Editing Update

I finished editing chapter 11 today! The story is at about 175,000 words now. My goal is to strip an average of 2000 words from the remaining 20 chapters.

It’s fun going back through these chapters. They are the most stale and I can tell my writing has evolved since writing them. I’m still pretty new and raw, but can see steady progress in my edited chapters vs. the non-edited ones.

Chapter 11 was an interesting edit. It had TONS of dialog and monologues. I stripped these down to less than half while trying to maintain the original essence of what was said. I think it worked. Most of it was just saying the same thing over and over in different ways or emotions. I like my story to be fast moving, and lengthy dialog slows it down. So I’ll be reserving that sort of thing for rare occasions where it really counts.

That’s it for today, so long!

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