Chapter 14 Editing Complete

Finished trimming chapter 14 today. Almost halfway done!

The word count of my 31 chapters is now a hilarious, coincidental, 166,666 words, calculated by Scrivener. I use Scrivener to write and organize. It’s great for both, although Microsoft Word has better spelling, grammar, and auto-highlight tools to catch mistakes, so I always put my writing in Word to check, before calling it good.

Average sentence and paragraph lengths are handy. I try to keep things small and fluid, preferring 19-25 words per paragraph.

Word frequencies are super useful. I aim to keep my “the” usage below 5% — it’s about 4.4% right now. I’m also thrilled with the combination of “her” and “she” being the most frequent word of all. My book has a fem heroine, with many other fem characters. There’s male characters too.

That’s all for now. Adieu.

Software engineer and author

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