Chapter 25 and 26 Edits

I spent the last ten days redoing chapters 25 and 26. They still need a trimming pass of edits to get the chapters under 5000 words. But I’m happy with the overall theme and flow of them.

Alara gets to duel a new enemy in one of these chapters. Here’s a sneak peak:

Alara swung her scimitar at [redacted]’s head. [redacted] blocked with their axe, sparks flying. She then thrust her rapier at their torso, but a quick kick from [redacted] sent her crashing to the ground. Rolling away, she avoided their [redacted].

I’ve gone above 140k words again. With 7 chapters to be trimmed, I’ll need to reduce by at least 10k words to get under my 130k words goal. There’s a few pieces earlier in the story I could remove if push came to shove.

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