Why am I Writing?

I’ve written software since age 7. Now I’m in my 40s and I’m trying my hand at writing. Insane? Probably. A worthy quest? I hope so.

Today I wanted to share my inspiration for the Nightwind series of books. By the way I’m still on book one, doing some major revisions as I learn more about plot structures, character development, and things of that nature. But I digress. When Russia waged total war upon Ukraine in February 2022, I had watched for several months, feeling angst. I already knew some Ukranians online, and the sinking feeling one gets when anticipating the worst grew until Russia invaded.

Russia, the supposed number 2 army in the world, brutally invaded their neighbor, claiming Nazi’s roamed everywhere, and Ukraine needed to be demilitarized. Both utter nonsense. Their president is Jewish. And their initial invasion failed.

Now we approach the two-year anniversary of the invasion. The war remains a stalemate. Countries around the world drag their feet, fearing escalation. And it sickens me. Ukrainians civilians die every day. Russia spends billions of USD worth of munitions to lob missiles at targets with no military value.

I’ve posted online, sharing my support with many in Ukraine. But I wanted another medium, so I’m combining my ideas in story. I’m passionate about writing viseral and poignant stories showing elements of war and other conflicts. I hope those reading my stories find entertainment, meaning, and hope. And I desire to honor Ukraine in my own way.

I’ll conclude with a link to this video, showing the horrors of Mariupol. Unsure about what Russia is doing in Ukraine and the damage and human cost? Watch the video. Be warned, it’s graphic.

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