Chapter 24 sneak peak

Wanted to share a small portion of this chapter, it’s one of my favorite sequences in the book. Enjoy!

The morning desert sun shone down on Snikm’s massive arena, filled with cheers and anticipation. Ice covered the floor.

From beneath, a pale blond woman emerged, wearing ice skates. Adorned in a sparkly, tight black outfit with red highlights, she wore a an elegant updo. All eyes gazed upon her in silence. Her solemn visage shone on four immense enchanted tapestries, forming a grand cube. Suspended in the air, it overlooked the arena.

Drum beats sounded as she skated around. A soft piano melody played, and violins joined in, blending with cellos, evoking somber emotion for a beautiful performance. Gliding to the center, she stood statuesque, arms clasped behind. Moments passed, and her arms raised.

Silence ensnared the audience while she held her stance. Seconds seemed like hours. She slammed one skate into the ice, sending out spiderweb cracks. A backflip followed. Upon landing, her skates struck hard, creating jagged fissures.

“Fuck this! Let’s have some real fun!” she yelled, her feisty voice filling the arena.

The crowd erupted in loud applause and screams, chanting, “Kolana! Kolana!”

Twirling, the air around her rippled, skates morphing to a silver snowboard, outfit into a silver tuxedo. The icy floor transformed into a large ramp, leaving a thin runway to her feet.

An electric guitar manifested in her grasp. With fervent strokes, she unleashed a rock anthem roaring through the arena. Suddenly she sped towards the ramp, playing her guitar wildly. Launching skyward, she executed breathtaking spins and flips, landing on a floating platform high above.

Casting her guitar and snowboard skyward, they exploded into silver and green fireworks, bathing the arena in light. Arms raised, she shouted, “Who’s ready for some Triple R?!”

The icy ramp and runway flickered out of existence, and the arena quivered under the sheer force of shouting, clapping, and stomping.

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